Thursday, July 10, 2008

A slug squees

My mom said that it was OK to “squee” since it is Thursday.

I don’t get it.?

I also kinda slimed myself I was so excited (blushes)

Mom just said that she’s going to take me with her when she rides the STP this weekend.

We’re going 204 miles from Seattle WA to Portland OR. We’re going to spend the night in Centralia and hang out in the beer garden. Mom says if I’m good, she’ll give me a sip of beer.

I haven’t made so many new friends since she let me run the Seattle Half Marathon with her.

I even have my own shiny reflector to wear when I’m on the back of her bike so that I’ll be a safe slug!

Darwin is excited!


Adventure Slug !!!

thank you Thank You THANK YOU to everyone who has nagged my Mom to take me out on adventures and to help me post to my blog. (I’m a young innocent slug and I’m not allowed to be on the internet unsupervised)

My Mom took me on the bestest adventure ever!

She says she comes up with crazy ideas late at night when drinking wine with friends.

I got to drive all the way across the Cascade Mountains (that’s in Washington State) to Eastern Washington to camp, and hike and ride (metal) wild horses and even look through a telescope.

Normally, I’m not allowed to stay up that late, but this was a special occasion.

Here are a few pictures…

I LOVE to ride in the car; this time it was my Mom’s friend Tom’s car and we were heading up the Coulee Scenic Byway


Here I am at Soap Lake; Mom wouldn’t let me go in. Tom said the water was slimy… What’s wrong with slime?


I got to ride one of the wild horses at the Wild Horse Monument at Vantage. That’s the Columbia River down below.


and I got to look through a telescope at Frenchman’s Coulee where we camped.


Here is a link to the rest of the pictures form our adventure.

Eastern Washington Road Trip

My next blog has some even MORE exciting news.