Sunday, December 31, 2006

Slug snowshoeing

I had the best time yesterday.

Mom, Auntie Mo, Mich and Jen took me snowshoeing up at Mt Rainier National Park.

Mom told me that the park is created on and around an active volcano. I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds exciting.

It was very VERY cold up there. But everyone warmed up when we started moving up the hill into the park. We stopped and took a lot of pictures

Here I am riding in Auntie Mo’s car. I love riding in her car.

Here I am in Mom’s pack. We climbed to the top of a really big hill and then slid down. It was so much fun !

Mom says “Don’t eat yellow snow”. Why not? I think yellow is a beautiful color

Here I am at Wapiti Woolies. My mom says it’s the best place in Greenwater to stop for a mocha or hot chocolate after skiing or snowshoeing. They make the best wool hats. Unfortunately, they don’t make them in slug size. But I tried one on anyway…

We’re going Cross Country Skiing tomorrow!

Woo Hoo !!!

Mom’s says I need to get off the computer now, so that’s it for now.


Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Cheer (and a lot of it)

It was my first Christmas.

Christmas is very much like Solstice. I’m not certain what the difference is. Some of my mom’s friends came over for a big turkey dinner and then we sat around the tree, talked and listened to music.

I was a naughty slug and got into the champagne while my mom was doing the dishes and cleaning up.

Mommy says that once I get un hung over (I don’t get it, I’m not hanging on anything?) we’re going to have to have a serious talk.

She says “everything in moderation” and that it’s “never good to get so drunk that you can’t find your own butt with both hands.”

Do I have a butt? If so, I can’t find it.

Uh oh…

That’s it for now…


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Solstice !

My mom had a Solstice party last night.

She says that after last night, the days will start getting longer again. I guess than means more time to go out and play, which sounds good to me!

I was so excited ! My Aunt Tony, Uncle Knut and Aunt Molly were there. So were a whole bunch of other really nice people.

I got to eat stuffed mushrooms. They’re much tastier than the ones in the rain forest.

We ate, drank and visited, and then we turned down all the lights and lit the Yule Log. Mom lit a candle off of it, and passed the flame to everyone in the room.

While they were doing this, they listened to a very cool song about “The Christians and the Pagans” and then sang “Here Comes the Sun”

Here I am with my candle and the Yule log. Mom says that when we get a house, we'll have a fireplace and a different kind of Yule log, but that for now, this one is just fine.

But I don’t get it.

The sun didn’t come out.

Oh well, it was a fun night !

That’s it for now


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Peace on Earth Goodwill to Slugs (and reindeer)

My Mommy’s been too busy to help me post an update lately.

We’ve had all sorts of excitement around here!

Snow, windstorms, and floods. I watch them from the safety of our living room window.

But the coolest thing, is Christmas.

It’s my first Christmas.

Mommy brought a tree into the house. It reminds me of being home in the rainforest. She’s decorated the place and her friends have come and cut snowflakes for the tree.

She even brought out a friend for me. Rodney the Rockin’ Reindeer. He sings a very cute song when you press his hoof and he’s one cool dude!

Come visit us and have Rodney sing for you. We’re having a party on Solstice night and on Christmas Eve.

That’s it for now,