Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm a marathon kind of slug!

I was so excited today!!!

I got to take a ride in Uncle Robert’s Truck.

But it was snowing.

I love rain (I am after all, from the rain forest) but am not used to snow or my Mom and Uncle Robert getting all stressed out and complaining about idiot drivers. When the snow was sticking on I-5 and the truck was sloshing and sliding, my Mom said she nearly had to “pick seat cover material out from between her butt cheeks”.

I don’t get it. What are butt cheeks? I don’t think I have them.

But the cool thing is that I got to run a half marathon today!!! It was so much fun and I made a bunch of new friends.

Since they aren’t used to snow and rain that early in the morning, they had to wear trash bags over their running clothes until they got moving and warmed up. They looked silly!

Running was SO much fun! Everyone that ran near us commented on what a cute slug I was and said they were going to read my blog. I hope they comment!

After the race, we got medals and shiny blankets to wrap up in,

and we got Ivars Clam Chowder! I LOVE Ivars clam chowder. I ate some with Uncle Robert after he finished.

I have to go now. My mom needs the computer to write her race report and she says I need to lay by the heater and dry out.

That’s it for now


Saturday, November 18, 2006

My first race !!!

I had so much fun today !!!

My Mom, Aunt Tony and Uncle Knut and I went to walk/run the Thanksgiving Dash races down in Olympia.

Here I am riding in my Aunt Tony’s car. I LOVE riding in her car!

Here I am registering for my first ever race

Here I am running with Mom

Here I am celebrating. Mom’s right, champagne is good.

And here are Aunt Tony, Uncle Knut, Mom and I toasting Aunt Tony’s first ever 10K race and wearing the shirts and medals.

After the race, we headed over to My Aunt Molly’s house to celebrate and watch the Apple Cup on TV.

It was a great day!


Friday, November 17, 2006

New Journal and Races !!!

I’m so excited!

My mom finally made me a
LiveJournal so that my LiveJournal friends don’t have to read that silly syndication that keeps republishing and spamming their friends page.

If you read me on a LiveJournal Syndication, you can delete it from your friend’s list and just add my

You can also keep reading me directly on blogspot.

But the BIG news, is that I’m going to run the
Seattle Half Marathon with my Mom the Sunday after Thanksgiving!

I even have my own race number !!!

Tomorrow my Aunt Tony is coming down and bringing my brother Foster to visit. Then we’re all going down to Olympia for the
Thanksgiving Dash Race. Aunt Tony’s going to walk the 5K, and Mom and I are going to run the 10 Mile.

Then on Thanksgiving Day is the
Norpoint Turkey Trot before we head over to Aunt Molly’s to feast.

I’m going to be one fast slug by the time this is all over…

That’s it for now…


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Good friends and family are the BEST!

My mom’s been very stressed out the last couple of days over the flooding.

She hasn’t let me out to see it. She says it’s not safe.

Auntie Mo was stressed out too, but I'm not sure why

She came over to watch a “mindlessly funny move” There’s Something About Mary.

She let me sit with her.

I love my Auntie Mo!

That’s it for now…


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kayaking and Envronmental Stewardship

I am one happy (and tired) slug!

My mom took me out KAYAKING this morning.

Even better than kayaking was the fact that we did more volunteering to help the environment.

This time, we were volunteering with the
Puget Creek Restoration Society helping replace markers for an Eelgrass survey. Eelgrass is very important for salmon habitat. (among other things) Did you know that out migrating juvenile, salmon may stay in Commencement Bay (and other areas of the Puget Sound) for a year until they are big and strong enough to survive in the Pacific Ocean?

I didn’t either. I learned that today when Mom told me.

We carried equipment out to the divers and carried old rebar back to shore.

Here I am on a KAYAK!

Here’s me and my Mom

AND, with John and Jacqueline from the City of Tacoma’s
EnviroChallenger program. John took my Mom’s friend Bruno’s job after he moved away to take another job. He’s pretty cool. Jacqueline is cool too!

After a while, my Mom made me watch from shore. She was carrying some heavy and awkward stuff, and even in my plastic bag, she was afraid that if a load shifted and she rolled her kayak, that I might float away. It was all very fun to watch though.

That’s it for now…


Friday, November 03, 2006

Girls Night... Great Fun!!!

I had SO much fun tonight.

Since Banana Slugs are hermaphrodites, Mom let me attend “girls night” tonight. She said that since I had both male and female parts, that I could be one of the girls tonight.

But I’m a “good slug” and don’t use my parts. I saw a video of mating banana slugs today and it was “icky”. Mom always said that the best birth control is medically accurate (better if it’s graphically illustrated) information.

In any event, girls night was a BLAST.

Mom’s friends are great, and I even got to taste some champagne…

I’ve got to get some sleep…

We’re going to the watershed council retreat in the morning, and I want to make a good impression.

That’s it for now…


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm a Hylebos kind of slug!

I had so much fun working on the upland habitat restoration/planting last weekend.

But what’s even cooler is that my Mom’s friend Chris, the Executive Director of
Friends of the Hylebos has a blog, the Hyleblog and he linked to MY blog.

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy (OK, warm and slimy, I am after all, a Banana Slug) to be linked on his blog.

Maybe some day, I can be the “Official Banana Slug of Hylebos Creek”

On Saturday, my mom is taking me to the Puyallup River Watershed Council retreat.

She says I’ll be the only Banana Slug there, but who knows?

That’s it for now…