Monday, January 29, 2007

Slug Love


Mom said everyone was worried about me because I haven’t posted much.

Don’t worry, I’m a happy slug and have lots of love. Mom’s just been very busy and she hasn’t wanted to take me out where I’d get wet and slimy (I don’t know what she has against slimy, slimy feels good) and stinky from mold, so I’ve been staying close to home.

I will get out for some new adventures soon.

I have a new friend, his name is “Crazy Kitty”. Aunt Betsy brought him over after Christmas. If you push his tummy, he yowls, purrs and laughs hysterically. Bad Kitty HATES him. She lays her ears back and leaves the room every time someone pushes his tummy.

Can’t we all get along?

Give Crazy Kitty a chance !

That’s it for now, Mom needs the computer.


1 comment:

flatfoot freddie (fer da' hitman) said...

banana slug
though i don't know ya; i like ya just the same. i'd like to name ya and "Honorary Member" of Team Slug.
happy days,
da' hitman @