Saturday, April 07, 2007

I'm so excited !

I am so excited that I think I just slimed myself [blushes]

I was getting very sad because I was stuck at home so much while the weather was bad and mom started working her new job at headquarters.

She was gone longer during the day and I was very lonely because Bad Kitty sleeps a lot. She’s kind of boring that way during the day.

But on Thursday, I had a very exciting day.

Mom took me for a ride on the TRAIN and took me to work.

Everyone was very friendly on the train and at her office. I hope I get to go again!

Then we got into a van and went to one of my absolute favorite places to do some volunteer work.

Being a socially and environmentally responsible slug, I love to do volunteer work.

One of my favorite humans, Chris Carrell from
Friends of the Hylebos just named me the “Official Slug of Hylebos Creek”

You can
read all about it here

Here I am with Chris

and here I am with Mom and Chris. Chris thinks I’m very brave for braving the storm damage to explore the creek.

And here I am doing some very hard work grubbing out Himalayan Blackberry roots for Earth Corps, REI and Friends of the Hylebos

I also got to go hiking afterwards, but mom says that I’ll “dilute the message” if I blog about that right now.

I don’t get it. I wasn’t going to pour water on it?

That’s it for now.



Chris Carrel said...

Darwin, We're excited to have you as our Official Banana Slug of the Hylebos. You are indeed a role model for banana slugs everywhere. You can come and help us on restoration projects any time you like.

*jeanne* said...